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Staying safe!

Max has been doing a lot of research into health and safety, uk requirements and what other countries have put in place to keep ourselves and customers safe.

First stop was the menu!

The recommendation is that if the menu is laminated it needs to be cleaned after every use (any time anyone touches it), or 1 use disposable ones which are to be binned after one use.

We like to be as environmentally friendly as we can, so these options just weren't shouting to us.

Max came up with the idea of having a wall installed which would act as our blackboard.

Easy you might think! Nope!

Everyone panic bought plaster board, paint and other decorating tools. So we had to wait 2 weeks for things to slow down and the distribution to catch up.

My Dad (plasterer, decorator and general maintenance type man) managed to get what he needed and got to work.

And the end result is amazing. We have a touch, covid and germ free menu!

Amy from Burney boards, waved her magic wand and has created this eye catching menu.

What do you think? Smart idea, huh?

We will show you what we have done with the rest soon

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